Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sporn - The next step in the evolution of Geek horniness.

Electronic Arts is going to release its [r]evolutionary game, Spore, in a couple of months. In this game, the player starts controlling a single-celled organism which rapidly evolves until the player is eventually controlling numerous civilizations populated with the offspring of the original, mitotically replicating, organism. As a promotional tool, EA has released the Creature Creator tool which allows the player to direct the next step in their being's evolution. The Creature Creator demo has barely been released for two weeks and already Youtube is exploding with an influx of penis and boob shaped creatures, creatures with overly enlarged (depending on your perspective) tits and dicks or creatures that appear to be banging - proving once again, that those who can't get any pretend anyways. Can somebody build these guys their sex robots already? In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the creativity.

See my favorite (so far) below:

For those people out there that say that this is supposed to be a children's game and this usage is offensive to you, too bad. Request a kids only universe but there is no way that kids can be protected from the millions of people that are going to be making sex creatures and incredibly violent creatures that will destroy every one of your child's animals.