Friday, June 20, 2008

Manternet Office Tip #1: Concealing Man-nipples

Do you suffer from the dreaded freeze-dried nipple look?
Well, we here at The Manterent have worked with the top scientists to developed a way to deal with those troublesome protruding shards of flesh that cost you your dignity at the work place.

Step 1: Purchase a roll of industrial strength duct tape.

Step 2: Shave around the trouble areas. This will make it much less painful when you tear off the duct tape before you get intimate. Bleeding will most likely, but not in all situations, be reduced.

Step 3: Affix two 4 inch strips of duct tape criss crossing each other over the nipples, under the undershirt. This should suppress temperature or arousal based nipple erections, thus leading to that promotion that you so sorely deserve.

You're Welcome!

-Conan The Bloggarian

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day: Go Forth and Pay Honor To Thy Father

I'm not speaking in religious terms, that would be creepy. But today is the official day (according to hallmark executives) that you should share a beer or a punch to the gut with the man who's jank gave you life. So, go forth, purchase six packs, sports memorabilia, golf gloves and nose hair trimmers. For today is FATHER'S DAY and we owe it to Zeus and all his beardy goodness.

-Conan The Bloggarian