Friday, July 25, 2008

Anyone For Hot Creepy Robot Sex? Depends, do we have to cuddle afterwards?

Well, robotics are finally approaching that age old litmus test of technology, "Can I fu#@ it?" It happened with the personal computer, the blender, the cell phone and even HDTV s. You name it and it hasn't become mainstream until it nailed that standard, statistically of course.

Can you imagine a world where kids are flying around on their hoover boards, magazine covers have animated advertisements and wingmen in bars around the world no longer have to take a hit for the team with the fat girl, but the robotic one? I mean, can you imaging how awkward it will be to have to reboot mid-coitus. Especially if it is anything like a CD tray on a computer, that closes shut whenever you restart.

Robotics experts (aka the sex depraved Japanese) say within 10 years we should be able to check our email, synchronize our outlook calenders and knock one out while listening to our favorite MP3's, all in the same Asian schoolgirl sex-droid. Here's to a bright future with universal health care and fu$@able robots.

I'm sure this is raising a few burning questions in your beer-soaked brains. Will it make porn obsolete? I mean, if you can program a hot sexy robot to do all of the things that you tug off to in hot sexy porn, then who needs porn? Does it count as sex if you don't have to buy it dinner?

I think the thing that is going to be the biggest problem with men having sex with robots is that they will grow to care even less about the G-Spot, which will bring to a boil the collective estrogen in the female population and there will be world wide nagging chaos on a biblical scale.

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Man-Item: Greatest Dryed Coconut Milk EVER!

This is the first in a no doubt endless series of posts. Man-Items are random products, food or otherwise, found in the wild that have some connection to being a man, juvenile or otherwise. (Is there an otherwise?)
I'm not sure how face punchingly man-like dehydrated coconut milk is, but this particular brand is at least attempting to appeal to the right audience. I found it in a Chinese Supermarket, where ironically enough nearly everything carried a MADE IN U.S.A sticker. So pick up a few cases of this dried coconut jank and sex up that curry sauce.

Please feel free to send in your finds to Oh, and forget I said please.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Al Gore is giving me Green Balls!

I am man-crushing on Al Gore's ideas. In the speech above, Al Gore calls upon all of us to push to make a total change in how this country (and the world) thinks and acts with regards to our uses and sources of energy.

Let's think of using renewable energy in more man-friendly terms - getting laid.

Renewable energy is like that girl that you always wanted, not just for a night or two but that girl that if you did get, you would want to keep her for a very long time. We all know that girl almost never comes around but she is the hottest, smartest, coolest chick you have ever met and if you are going to get her, you are going to have to work? These girls take time, effort and (sometimes) money to get. You can't just buy her a drink at the bar and magically she is with you forever. You can't just play the same old shitty game and use the same old tired lines to win her over. You have to work at it, take her to the right spots, share the right conversations, introduce her to your friends, go out with her and her friends, create some memories together and yes, show her the time of her life in bed. We all know the dividends pay off when everything works out right.

Using oil and other limited energy sources is like cruising Hunt's Point for that worn out box that will leave you feeling and perhaps actually make you a little dirtier each time you come back. What's worse, her prices keep going up and her allure keeps going down.

If we truly want peace and autonomy, we need to stop paying the Middle Eastern and South American pimps and start working on landing Miss Universe. Once we do, we and our children can keep getting laid by her (ugh...did I take that analogy too far?) because we did the more difficult but, eventually, more effective things from the start.

Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton have lent their support for The manternet does not support either of these men, in fact we are actively opposed to their divisive and unlaudable tactics. Please avoid we can solve it and get involved in other ways. I know some people may want us to put aside philosophical disagreements to make progress happen but nothing about these men represents progress and the enormous damage they have done will not be compensated for by this current mini-campaign for good.