Friday, September 12, 2008

Drug Island Anyone?

I don't know how you feel about what is important in life but I would rank having had a broad range of experiences as pretty much the most important a human can do in their few years of existence.

Anywho, I was watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which is probably the funniest show on TV) and the main characters became crack addicts. Perhaps I am just an uptight nerd but I have never tried crack. Have you? It doesn't look like all that much fun but I have to admit that I am curious as hell.

So here is my suggestion for all of us prudicious nerds out there - let's make Drug Island. Before you get ahead of myself, let me explain. Drug Island would be like peer pressure and rehab all wrapped into one. We would be a fully comprehensive life destroying/restoring service. We/our clients show up to the island, do a bunch of drugs and then get rehabilitated before we return to our normal lives. No harm, no foul. After all is said and done, we can say we smoked some crack.

Maybe this is a lot to go through to do some drugs but like I said, I am a nerd. I mean, I hear private islands are expensive. You know what though?....if Richard Branson can blow some lines on his private island with his kids, why can't we recreate this situation for ourselves and many others that want to pay us a lot of money for this service?

I guess I could just do drugs like all of our Ivey League friends do but my parents (and probably yours) don't have lawyers on retainer and time shares at the Betty Ford Clinic, so what do you say?

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