Monday, September 22, 2008

Stem Cells to Destroy Baldness

Scientists have discovered a way to re-grow hair using stem cells and a special secret sauce. I don't know about you, but grounding up a few baby embryos to ensure I never go bald is a fair deal. (I know they don't actually need embryos anymore, but it makes for a better joke.)

50% of all men will experience some form of hair loss, Ranging from the bridge and tunnel look doll hair look to more of a James Gandolfini kind of problem. Either way, scientific breakthroughs like this are going to make for a interesting and hopefully baldness-less future. Soon, all those hot chicks will be able to focus on how shitty of a guy you are instead of how bald you look.

Apparently this treatment will be entering human trials and should be available in the next 3 years, unless Sarah Palin and company have something to say about it.

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